Angle and Devil Crochet Pattern


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Opposites attract each other – the angle want to turn the devil but he has just jokes in his mind. Of course you can just crochet one of them.

With cotton yarn (e.g. Catania) and crochet yarn the 2 will be approx. 19 cm height (8 inch).

The pattern has lots of pictures and is suitable for ambitioned beginners. The pattern does NOT include a basic course. You should be able to crochet double crochet (US) and single crochet as well you should know how you crochet single crochet together.

This is just the pattern not the dolls!

The pattern for angel and devil as well as the finished products are just for private use and you are not allowed to sell or give away without my permission.


You need a crochet hook 2,50mm (US C UK 13), cotton yarn (e.g. Catania) in soft apricot, white, red, odds of black, tinsel yarn in yellow and black, glue eyes, toy stuffing, embroidery needle, scissor