Autumn door crest crochet pattern

Puschis Häkelparadies

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This super nice door crest for the autumn is a nice highlight on every homes wall or door.

The deer and the decoration are bring the autumn to the game and shows the nice side of autumn to the view.

This PDF Pattern includes 15 pages and explains step by step how to do the crest yourself. Lots of pictures will help you through this pattern.

You need:

  • Styrofoam ring 30 cm diameter
  • Crochet Hook in Size EU: 2,00mm; 3,00mm ; 5,00mm UK: 14, 11, 6 US: B, C, H
  • Cotton Yarn for NS 3,0 (Double Knit) in brown, light brown, green, colourful yarn for the leaf´s and odds of white and black. For this sample I used My Boshi No. 4
  • For the crest you can use any yarn, I used for this sample ONLINE Arona Line 346
  • 2 Eyes to glue on or sew on
  • 1 button for decoration
  • Decoration mushrooms
  • 1Bell
  • Acorns or similar things to decorate
  • Hot glue gun or liquid glue (UHU)


You should know how to do:


Slip stitch, chain (s), single crochet, half double crochet (US), double crochet (US), decrease, increase


Stay Fair: The Crochet Pattern is for private use only! You are not allowed to copy or (ex-) change the pattern or translate it. A (re-) sell of the pattern, the texts or the pictures is not permitted. The use of parts of the pattern for commercial or private use is not permitted.


You are allowed to sell the articles you crochet articles: You can sell the articles that you produced after this pattern in private or commercial in any amount.


Offered under license of Puschis Häkelparadies