Emerson, the Christmas Owl – Amigurumi Crochet Pattern


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Not just humans are yearning for Christmas and presents. Even our dear creatures of the forest appreciate a lovely gift.

And they have their very own Santa: Emerson, the adorable Christmas owl, lovingly hands out presents from his little brown sack to all kind and well-behaved forest animals. It will be a merry Christmas for all - big, small and furry!

**Size:** using the indicated material, little Emerson will be approx 6 in / 15 cm tall (and with his hat even 7.5 in / 19 cm)

medium – the pattern contains a detailed description with accompanying pictures and an additional technical part explaining front post stitches and reverse single crochet stitches


**Stitches used in this pattern:**

single crochet, slip stitch, chain stitch, half double crochet, front post stitches and reverse single crochet (description contained within the pattern)


** Material:**

  • Any type of yarn, e.g. cotton yarn (4 ply, 137 yds / 1.75 oz or 125 m / 50 g) in the colors light blue, dark red, dark brown and light brown
  • Small amount of fluffy white yarn for the scarf and hat (4 ply, 142 yds / 1.75 oz. or 130 m / 50 g)
  • Crochet hook in matching size, e.g. 3.5 mm/ D-3
  • 1 pair of safety eyes or 2 black beads (ca. 12-13 mm)
    if you are using any other weight of yarn than indicated, you might need slightly smaller or bigger beads here
  • Filling material


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