Motor bike "Hot Chopper"

Die Maschentante

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It gets warm outside and the motor bike season has already started. This bike is the ideal decoration for all chopper fans and motorbike freaks. It is not only a nice decoration it is also a nice present.

To crochet the motor bike you need:

  • 22 grams Catania Originals red (50 g – 125 m) • 19 grams Catania Originals black (50 g – 125 m) • 18 grams Catania Originals silver grey (50 g – 125 m) • 9 grams Catania Originals white (50 g – 125 m) • Odds of Catania Original dark grey • Odds of Catania Originals yellow and orange • Crochet hook 2,50mm US B UK 12 • Embroidery needle • Stitch marker or string in contrast colour • Pipe cleaner (or you can also use toy stuffing) • Scissor • Toy stuffing • Pin needles to secure the parts • Hot glue gun – alternatively you can also sew it together

Of course you can use any other yarn (weight) with the fitting hook – “Hot Chopper” will get smaller or bigger depending on the yarn and hook.

With the mentioned yarn your motor bike will be approx. 11 cm (4 inch) height and 23 cm (10 inch) long

The pattern includes 14 pages as PDF File and has lots of pictures that explains step-by-step the pattern. So it is also suitable for beginners.

This is just the pattern NOT the finished figur.

You need basic crochet knowledge in: single crochet, Magic ring, increase and decrease. The pattern is written in US abbreviations.

It is not permitted to: Give away, (Re-)sell, multiply, copy, (ex-)change or publish (also in the web) of my pattern in full or parts not you are permitted to use the pictures. The pattern is solely for private use.