Teddy, Penguin, Elephant and Snowman in the ball – Crochet Pattern


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Patients and skilful fingers you should bring for these patterns. Otherwise they are really easy and quickly done. This is why I packed all 4 patterns together for you so you have some diversion – not only for the Christmas tree.

These patterns includes lots of pictures and are suitable for beginners. The patterns don’t include a basic course for crochet. You should be able to crochet: single crochet, double crochet (US), front and back post double crochet and know how to crochet 2 single crochet together

With the mentioned yarn the animals will be approx. 4 cm (2 inch) height.

You need for all 4 figures:

Crochet yarn white

Crochet yarn grey

Crochet yarn red

Odds of crochet yarn or knitting yarn in orange and/or yellow

Crochet hook 1,50 mm US 7-steel

Toy stuffing

8 black half pearls with 4 mm diameter

Or pin needles with black head (remove the tip)

4 Acrylic balls with 6 cm diameter

Ribbon to hang it up

You just get the pattern not the finished product!

The pattern for the 4 figures and the finished product are just for private use and you can only sell them with my written consent!