Wood troll Waldemar to crochet – XXL

berli Design

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XXL Amigurumi wood troll

Waldemar is really well known – my son carries him since it is done as large doll to everywhere – even to the playground and there every other child liked and hugged him. Even parents was asked by their child’s to make a picture of him and the troll – that was really nice.

This is why Waldemar should bring fun to other children and the pattern for Waldemar is a total surprise.

The wooden troll (elf, gnome, dwarf) will be (depending on the yarn) approx. 20-30 cm (8-14 inch) while it sits or between 40 and 50 cm (16-20 inch) when it stands.

The clothes can be turn on and off. The clothes are a little special so that children can change them on their own. There will be no buttons or other complicated closers just a simple chain to make a knot or a bow.

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My recommendation for the material for WALDEMAR (without clothes): Crochet hook 3,50mm US E UK 9, Linie Alpha 11 by on-line in SKIN COLOUR 4,5 Balls (or my Boshi Lieblingsfarben No.2 in skin colour is also a nice alternative) My Boshi No. 2 in white approx. 10grams, Safety eyes or black buttons with 24 cm diameter (1 inch) and some tinsel yarn e.g. Gallina von Lana Grossa

Toy stuffing and embroidery needle

Hints: • I crochet in spiral (continuous) rounds • If you can do the Magic ring you can use this instead of 2 CH in R0 •The clothes will be crochet in that was that children’s can change the clothes • Abbreviations in US Terms • The hair will be made in tinsel yarn with crochet hook 3,50mm US E UK 9 • If you prefer e.g. Catania uni as yarn, this yarn is a little thinner and you should use a 3,00mm Hook (US C UK 11) and for the clothes the 3,50 mm Hook (US E UK 9)